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  1. Public Safety

Since I first ran for State Representative, public safety has been one of my top priorities. As a member of the Public Safety and Security Committee, I won the 2015 CT Police Chiefs Association legislator of the year for passing legislation to support the Stamford police. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, I wrote and passed legislation protecting victims of domestic abuse from gun violence, and have been a champion for gun safety legislation, including banning ghost guns and bump stocks and strengthening safe storage laws. Prior to my time in the legislature, I served as Director of Special Projects in the Counterterrorism Coordinator’s Office at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, where we worked to protect cities across the country from terrorist attacks, mass casualty shootings, violent extremism, cyber attacks, and a range of other threats. 

As mayor, I would work tirelessly to protect the residents of Stamford. My priorities would include:

  • Ensuring our police officers, firefighters, EMS officials and first responders have the resources and training support needed to protect Stamford residents. 

  • Expanding gun safety initiatives, with a focus on removing illegal guns from our streets. 

  • Strengthening the public safety of our infrastructure - making our roads, bridges, and sidewalks safer and strengthening our infrastructure's resilience to climate change. 

  • Prioritizing pedestrian safety by enhancing walkability of our city. 

  • Enhancing community-police relations. 

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