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Cities like Stamford are at the forefront of addressing the urgent threat of climate change. As a coastal community, we must commit to prioritizing sustainable solutions that protect our environment and promote environmental justice. As State Representative, I was proud to co-sponsor green energy legislation to promote 40% renewable energy by 2030, support the Long Island Sound Blue Plan that protects our precious water sources, and earn a 100% rating from the CT League of Conservation Voters on their 2019 scorecard. As mayor, I will focus on the following priorities: 

  • Launching a Stamford Climate Change plan that focuses on implementing environmentally friendly and sustainable policies across our city.

  • Becoming carbon neutral, adding more electric vehicles to our roads, and transitioning to more renewable energy sources.

  • Addressing environmental injustices that contribute to poor health outcomes.

  • Creating more green spaces in neighborhoods throughout the city.

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