Investments in Infrastructure and Transportation

Investing in infrastructure is vital to our quality of life, our public safety, and our public health. Crumbling roads and bridges, a deficient train station, and mold in our schools are unacceptable and we can do better. As State Representative, I have been a strong advocate for the Transportation Lockbox that protects taxpayer dollars intended for transportation, and a fierce supporter of dedicating additional capital funding to improving Stamford's roads and schools. As mayor, I will continue to advocate for revitalizing our city's infrastructure by taking the following actions: 

  • Working with the Stamford delegation, state leaders, and the federal delegation to secure state and federal funding to improve our schools, get rid of mold in public buildings and to enhance our transportation infrastructure, with a focus on rebuilding our aging train station and repairing our roads and bridges.

  • Increasing neighborhood connectivity by building new sidewalks and bike lanes, adding more green spaces, and prioritizing projects that promote walkability and sidewalk safety.