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Release: More than 80 Women Leaders from Across Connecticut Call on Bobby Valentine to Apologize for Sexist Remarks

October 27th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) - After Bobby Valentine referred to Caroline Simmons as a “35-year-old-girl” yesterday, he doubled-down today during an appearance on NPR, saying “I don’t see the offense.”


Editorial: We endorse Simmons over Valentine for Stamford mayor

Hearst Connecticut Media Editorial Board, Published October 27th, 2021 

(STAMFORD, CT) - "Our choice is Ms. Simmons. She has the political connections needed to bring state and federal money to Stamford. And better ideas."

Letter: Blumenthal, Murphy, Himes endorse Caroline Simmons

Stamford Advocate, Published October 27th, 2021 

(STAMFORD, CT) - "We know Caroline Simmons, her character, talent, work ethic, experience and her bold vision for Stamford. We know that she’s ready to lead this city. That’s why we enthusiastically endorse Caroline Simmons for mayor."

Former President Barack Obama endorses Caroline Simmons in Stamford mayoral race

Stamford Advocate, Published October 21st, 2021 

(STAMFORD, CT) - “Caroline Simmons knows what it takes to create real change, and she’ll help make Stamford an even better place for families and businesses. That’s why I’m endorsing her for mayor,” Obama said in a statement released by Simmons’ campaign Thursday.

State Senator Patricia Billie Miller (opinion): Why I am voting for Caroline Simmons

Stamford Advocate, Published October 21st, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) - "There are many reasons for my endorsement of Caroline Simmons, and some are provided for your consideration."

Stamford's Columbus Day celebration goes on a year after battle to remove downtown statue

Stamford Advocate, Published October 8th, 2021 

(STAMFORD, CT) - In a written message, Democratic candidate Caroline Simmons said, “I don’t think it is the job of a mayor to unilaterally tear down statues, but rather to listen to our community on the figures they want to see in our public spaces and work with our elected boards on this process.”


Stamford mayoral candidates Valentine, Simmons critique city's pandemic response, give own strategy

Stamford Advocate, Published October 2nd, 2021 

(STAMFORD, CT) - '“I'm proud of the work we did together with our government and state and local partners, and I think that there's still enormous work ahead of us to get through this,” Simmons said.'

Stamford mayoral candidate Simmons says she and husband are expecting their third child

Stamford Advocate, Published September 7th, 2021 

(STAMFORD, CT) - "Democratic mayoral candidate and state Rep. Caroline Simmons announced Tuesday that she and her husband are expecting their third son."


Opinion: Critics' 'concerns wouldn't be the same if Simmons were a man'

Stamford Advocate, Published September 7th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) - "I am a strong supporter of state Rep. Caroline Simmons for mayor. She is smart, energetic, knowledgeable, visionary, and a great team builder — all skills and attributes critical to successful leadership."


Opinion: The Caroline Simmons Playbook

Stamford Advocate, Published September 5th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) - “I have spent a lot of time over the past couple of months really taking the time to meet with city employees, meeting with department heads, people that used to work for our city and left for other towns, getting their perspectives, meeting with city employees that work in various departments, meeting with police officers, firefighters,” Simmons says.


Opinion: We are the Stamford Democratic City Committee. Here's why we back Simmons for mayor

Stamford Advocate, Published August 27th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) - It is time for bold leadership and new ideas. It is time for an inspirational leader who can bring our city together. It is time for government that is responsive, respectful, and works for all of us, because it is representative of all of us. It is time for Stamford to realize its full potential. It is time for Caroline Simmons for mayor. 

Independent Party Endorses Simmons for Stamford Mayor

Stamford Advocate, Published August 20th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) - The state Independent Party has endorsed Caroline Simmons for mayor of Stamford, according to her campaign.


Caroline Simmons Outlines Vision for Stamford

Patch, Published August 19th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) - On Thursday morning in front of Old Town Hall in Stamford, Caroline Simmons, the Democrat-endorsed candidate for mayor, outlined her vision for the city.


Voters meet and opine on Stamford mayoral candidates at Bedford Street Diner

Stamford Advocate, Published August 14th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) - With the mayoral election less than three months away, State Representative Caroline Simmons, the Democratic Party endorsed mayoral candidate, chatted with customers at separate times on Saturday.


Endorsed Democratic Mayoral Candidate Caroline Simmons Releases First Campaign Ad

Caroline Simmons for Mayor Campaign, Published July 29th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) – Democratic Mayoral Candidate Caroline Simmons released her first video campaign ad, following her endorsement of Stamford’s Democratic Party on Sunday. This first campaign ad provides a brief highlight of Simmons’ experience and vision of Stamford, with the intention to release in-depth policy videos in the coming weeks.

Stamford Democrats Endorse Caroline Simmons For Mayor
Patch, Published July 26th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) – On Sunday, the Democratic City Committee narrowly voted to endorse State Rep. Caroline Simmons over two-term incumbent David Martin for mayor of Stamford. Simmons received 21 votes, and Martin tallied 19.

State Senator Patricia Billie Miller Endorses Caroline Simmons for Mayor Ahead
of Democratic City Committee Endorsement
Caroline Simmons for Mayor Campaign, Published July 23rd, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) – Democratic Mayoral Candidate Caroline Simmons is proud to announce State Senator Patricia Billie Miller has endorsed her candidacy to be Stamford’s next mayor. “I have worked and served with Caroline as a State Legislator for the past six years. Caroline has been effective in Hartford and worked tirelessly on behalf of the City of Stamford. She is an excellent collaborator who knows how to reach people without regard to political label or socio-economic status and it is my pleasure to endorse her as the next Stamford Mayor,” said State Senator Miller.

Stamford Professional Fire Fighters Endorse Caroline Simmons for Mayor
Caroline Simmons for Mayor Campaign, Published July 20th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) – Democratic Mayoral Candidate Caroline Simmons is proud to announce the Stamford Professional Fire Fighters Association has endorsed her candidacy to be Stamford’s next mayor. “Caroline Simmons understands that the growth of this great city must not exceed the capabilities of the essential services it provides,” said Stamford Professional Fire Fighters Association President Paul Anderson in the organization’s endorsement.

Caroline Simmons Mayoral Campaign Raises $83k, Doubles Number of Local Supporters
Caroline Simmons for Mayor Campaign, Published July 8th, 2021

(STAMFORD, CT) – Today, Democratic candidate for Mayor of Stamford Caroline Simmons announced her campaign raised $83,119 from 420 individual donors for Q2. Among these donors, 259 were Stamford residents and an additional 102 donors were residents from throughout Connecticut. These 361 donors contributed roughly $66,000 to the campaign – doubling the number of local supporters (161 local donors contributed $24,753 in Q1).

Caroline Simmons Makes Her Case for Mayor
CT Examiner Published, Anna Elizabeth, Published May 14th, 2021

State Rep. Caroline Simmons, D-Stamford, announced a primary challenge against incumbent Democrat David Martin in the Stamford mayoral election. Also competing for the seat, is independent candidate Bobby Valentine, a former Major League Baseball manager and player.

Simmons outraises Martin by $100,000 as field for Stamford mayoral election could still change
Stamford Advocate, Published April 20, 2021

She raised nearly $158,000 from individual contributors between then and March 31, according to a financial disclosure by her campaign.

Caroline Simmons (opinion): Seeking top Stamford office as city 'is at a critical turning point'
Stamford Advocate, Published Mar. 7, 2021 Updated: Mar. 7, 2021 5:30 a.m.

As our city faces countless hardships amidst an unprecedented pandemic, I am more committed than ever to working tirelessly at the local level to help people in need and help our city recover for this devastating crisis.  That's why I am honored to be running to be your mayor.

State. Rep. Caroline Simmons to challenge incumbent David Martin in Stamford mayoral race.
News 12 Staff, Published Feb. 10, 2021 Updated: Feb. 10, 2021 6:11 p.m.

State Rep. Caroline Simmons, also a Democrat, filled out her paperwork at the clerk's office Wednesday morning.

"I think we need new leadership and a new vision and someone who can bring bold, innovative ideas to the table and a collaborative approach to take our city to the next level," she says. Simmons has represented Stamford in the Connecticut General Assembly for the past seven years. Before that, she worked at the Department of Homeland Security.

State Rep. Caroline Simmons to challenge incumbent David Martin for Stamford mayor

Stamford Advocate, Ignacio Laguarda. Published Feb. 10, 2021 Updated: Feb. 10, 2021 5:55 p.m.

Stamford— Democrat Caroline Simmons has thrown her hat into the ring for Stamford’s mayoral election, but she won’t be alone, as Mayor David Martin has also filed paperwork to seek reelection. The 35-year-old Simmons has represented Stamford for the past six years as a state representative. She said her campaign to become mayor is about bringing new leadership to the city. “Right now, our city is at a critical turning point,” she said, adding that Stamford is dealing with the “worst economic and health crisis in a century.” To get out of it, she said the city needs a “leader with a bold vision and new ideas.” If elected, she would become the first female mayor of Stamford.

CT state rep’s former career with Homeland Security informs view of Capitol riot

Stamford Advicate, John Breunig. Published  Jan. 9, 2021 Updated: Jan. 10, 2021 10:56 a.m.

Even on the phone, state Rep. Caroline Simmons, D-Stamford, has a lousy poker face. She’s recalling how her youthful dream of becoming a CIA agent evaporated in the first interview. “They told me I didn’t have the best poker face.” I mildly challenge if that really happened. She folds. “No, I’m kind of joking. You’re supposed to have the ability to be discreet and conceal things, and I knew I just blew that.” Simmons laughs. Anyone who has met her knows she laughs with ease. But the CIA recruiter lost the hand. She could easily be underestimated because of her affability, but Simmons has been wielding a big stick since her days as captain of the Greenwich Academy field hockey team. It’s Thursday, a day after she was sworn in for her fourth term in a Hartford ceremony forced outdoors by COVID-19, made even more surreal a few hours later when rioters breached the U.S. Capitol in a street mugging of America. 

Official: Expect $3B+ in CT business aid under newest federal program

CT Post, Alexander Soule, Published Jan 12,2021 Updated: Jan. 12, 2021 8:13 p.m.

State Sen. Joan Hartley, D-Waterbury, and Rep. Caroline Simmons, D-Stamford, are chairs of the Commerce Committee in the Connecticut General Assembly, which has been assigned an early piece of legislation to “grow the economy by supporting diverse economic opportunities, worker protections and small business revitalization,” with no further details available immediately on Tuesday.

State reps support Stamford Sheraton employees

Stamford Advocate, Op-ED, state Representives David Michel, Matt Blumenthal and Caroline Simmon, Published Nov 21, 2020 Updated: Nov. 21, 2020 6:28 a.m.

Last month, we were surprised to learn the Stamford Sheraton plans to close, potentially leaving our city with one less hotel and threatening workers with long-term unemployment in the midst of a national public health and economic crisis. The Sheraton’s workers, who have already suffered through nine months of unemployment, have been sent notice that they are being permanently let go. As elected officials, we are deeply concerned about the ramifications for our community of the permanent closure of this hotel. In addition to eliminating 107 good union jobs, the Stamford Sheraton’s closure will diminish our tourism and business travel industries, affecting many other Stamford businesses. For these reasons, leaders in our community should oppose the closing of this hotel and insist on fair treatment for these workers.


  • The Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut
  • Stamford Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 786
  • CT Realtors®
  • VoteMama
  • SAM Connecticut
Caroline Simmons is exactly what Stamford needs in a mayor. As my longtime State House Representative, she has always worked hard for her constituents. She always makes time to listen and always follows through. You can count on her to lead our great city as a Mayor for all.”
-Peter DiTomaso, Constituent

“A gentle, engaging exterior manner married to an extraordinary intellect, passion & vision carries a huge amount of power and strength to effect change. This is Caroline Simmons.
-Gwendolyn Morris, Stamford Resident

"In a city of many cultures, Caroline Simmons has always made the time to learn and acknowledge the diversity that makes Stamford special. She’s the younger voice we need to inspire more generations to rise up and make change." / "En una ciudad de muchas culturas Caroline Simmons siempre ha hecho el tiempo para aprender y reconocer la diversidad que hace especial a Stamford. Ella es la voz más joven que necesitamos para inspirar a más generaciones a levantarse y hacer el cambio."
-Sofia Melendez, Stamford Resident

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