Strengthen Relationships with State and Federal Partners

I know firsthand the importance of local, state, and federal partners working together to

tackle the problems we face. During my time working at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, I worked with federal, state, and local partners to protect cities across the country from counterterrorism, cyber attacks, and natural disasters.


As a State Representative, I have prioritized building relationships with other legislators,

the Governor’s administration, and executive branch agencies, and I have seen how 

important these relationships are for getting things accomplished for constituents.

Bringing this collaborative, consensus-building, and relationship-based approach is vital to making government work. Local governments are hubs for innovation and problem-solving, but they can’t be expected to work alone. Stronger relationships with state and federal leaders and partners will be critical, especially as we rebuild post-COVID-19. I am committed to strengthening these relationships so that Stamford gets the resources we need to succeed. 

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