Supporting Stamford schools has been and will continue to be one of my top priorities and I will work tirelessly to help all students gain access to a quality education. As a State Representative, I’ve worked with my fellow Stamford delegation members to secure $65 million in funding for the new Strawberry Hill School and to secure increases in ECS funding. As Mayor, I would work closely with the Superintendent, the Board of Education, School Administrators, parents, teachers, and students to help all of our students get the best education possible. This includes the following priorities: 

  • Help our schools recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19 and supporting students and teachers with additional resources to make up for the time that was lost in the classroom.

  • Ensure our students and teachers are safe from mold in our school buildings by securing state funding to get rid of mold in our schools. Stamford school buildings do not do justice to our students and they deserve better.

  • Expand early childhood education to guarantee universal early childhood education for all students in Stamford and expand affordable child care options for families in Stamford.

  • Work with state and federal partners to secure substantial funding to support Stamford public schools’ infrastructure. 

  • Provide more mental health support for our students, and expand social and emotional learning curriculum across all of our schools.

  • Expand after school and summer learning opportunities for all students.

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