State Representative Caroline Simmons is currently serving in her third term representing the 144th District in Stamford.

Rep. Simmons currently sits as the House Chair of the Commerce Committee. As Chairwoman, Simmons led passage of over a dozen bi-partisan, pro-business bills; including the Small Business Express Expansion and the Made in CT logo launch to promote locally made products.

Rep. Simmons has worked hard over her last two terms to pass legislation for common sense gun safety, including helping to pass legislation banning rapid fire bump stock enhancements to guns. Additionally, she has supported legislation to protect our environment, including plans to clean up The Long Island Sound, increase the use of clean energy, improve air quality and fight climate change. Rep. Simmons also led efforts to protect basic healthcare coverage in CT and to protect a woman’s right to choose. She has sponsored bills to combat opioid abuse and reduce the cost of prescription medication. If you would like to read more on Rep. Simmons’s stances on further policies, please see the "issues" tab above.

Rep. Simmons feels that while legislators, like herself, have made immense progress up in Hartford, there's still so much work to do to improve the state that we love, to grow our economy and get our fiscal house in order. If reelected, she will continue to fight hard for Stamford schools and small businesses and public safety, to call for structural fiscal reforms and less overspending to reduce the cycle of deficits. She will also stand up for the following:

• Transportation improvements to fix our crumbling roads and bridges, improve pedestrian safety, and reduce traffic
• Gun safety initiatives like banning “bump stocks” and working to ban open carry assault weapons  

• Making college more affordable by reducing student loan debt and making the cost of higher education more affordable
• Expanding job training programs to prepare students for unfilled STEM and manufacturing jobs
• Expanding access to early childhood education by fighting for universal pre-K for every student in CT
• Supporting women in the workforce with equal pay and more affordable childcare
• Reducing absenteeism in schools
• Making healthcare and electric bills more affordable for Connecticut residents
• Improving the quality of life for all Connecticut residents

Previously, Rep. Simmons interned at the U.S. Department of State for the Middle East Partnership Initiative within the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, where she assisted with economic empowerment programs in the Middle East. She then went on to work at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for four and a half years. As Director of Special Projects in the Counter terrorism Coordinator’s Office at Homeland Security, Rep. Simmons provided support for DHS’s domestic and international counter terrorism programs. She helped support DHS’s programs and budget for its homeland security team in Kabul, Afghanistan. Rep. Simmons also worked to enhance the Department’s countering violent extremism and active shooter awareness and response training for state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement officers.

Rep. Simmons was born and raised in Connecticut alongside her four siblings. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University, where she also spent a semester studying abroad at the American University in Cairo, Egypt and the Arabic Language Institute in Fez, Morocco. She also has a Master of Arts degree in Middle East Studies from the Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University.

Representative Simmons currently lives in Stamford with her husband Art Linares and sons Teddy and new baby Jack.

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